Oil-free compressed air or vacuum generators

Compressors and vacuum devices

The HANDY series is a mobile, universally applicable system for producing oil-free compressed air, which is also designed for operation as a vacuum pump. Due to their solid construction, the devices can be installed in machines as well as working freestanding under changing operating conditions. Our devices are individually designed as oil-free compressors or as a vacuum pump. This results in a wide variation of application areas.



With the HANDY K2, Koellmann Airtec offers a lightweight diaphragm compressor with two pistons, which is ideal for mobile applications. Click here for more.


 Our HANDY V2 is a diaphragm piston vacuum pump that is characterized by its high durability and robustness and its ease of maintenance. Click here for more.

Your Advantages

  • Absolutely clean, oil-free compressed air
  • Wear-resistant, durable and high-quality membrane technology
  • High, constant flow rate at constant operating pressures up to 5 bar
  • Suction capacity up to 250 l / min
  • Virtually maintenance-free and reliable due to high quality fiber-reinforced
  • Rubber diaphragm and built-in motor protection switch
  • Efficient use of energy through short air lines and high efficiency
  • Convenient handling due to simple construction
  • Versatile and mobile use due to compact design
  • Low weight for high mobility on the job site
  • Robust construction for heavy duty and long life
  • Filter for intake air
  • Safe stand thanks to stable and non-slip feet
  • Insensitive to moisture
  • Suitable for continuous running
  • Also available as a vacuum pump with a capacity of up to 80%